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Welcome FBSA Coaches! 

Know your options​

Baseball Teams

- JUICE Crew Neck Style (JBST8) or JUICE V-Neck (JMSV1) are your only options. 

Softball Teams

- JUICE JBST8W Short Sleeve Crew Neck (Women's Cut)

- JUICE J-BSTW1 V-Neck Cap Sleeve FITTED ("Fitted" Women's Cut)  

- JUICE Crew Neck Style JBST8 or V-Neck (JMSV1)(Men's sizing)


Re-Order/Roster Form

Design YOUR Jersey

- Design on the Champro builder.

**Do not add team logo file unless you have a vector file that IS NOT A .jpg OR .png. It needs to be an editable file (.eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf) for Champro to print it.  We can render your logo in vector format for $20. Please email to  ~24 hour turnaround

- No last names are allowed.


- ONE sleeve logo or number is allowed for teams above 6U.

- We suggest 6" or 8" player back numbers for youth sized shirts. 10" may look normal on the builder but huge on a youth shirt.

-Hover over the color boxes to ensure you're selecting the right color as there is sometimes discolorations on computer screens. (Scarlet/Dark Orange and NW Purple/Navy look alike on screen)

- Fill in roster and sizes.  Click "Download" 


Save this PDF to your computer/phone then attach it to the final order form at the bottom of this page.

 see your headwear options

- MLB and Minor League team names will get their respective hats (from available options from OC Sports) or upgrade to the MLB-400 flat bill*. 

-UPDATE 8/9/2023* Independent baseball teams or softball teams will get the Pennant Snapback with the stock embroidered letter.

- We are now offering CUSTOM caps - through CHAMPRO only** for an upcharge depending on style. All non-stock artwork must be in an editable, vector format.


- Snapbacks +$4

- Flexfits (MVP/Varsity) +$8

Ultima Perforated +$10

MLB Upgrade (MLB-400) - +$4

If more are desired, please add them to your team roster on Champro & pay on the submission form. 
Extra jerseys $30
Extra hats $16 
Hoodies $50

*If ordered past cutoff date a shipping fee ($15) may be applied for additional jersey orders under 6 pieces so we suggest ordering extras with your team order.


- Jerseys will be shipped directly to the address indicated on your order form. When your hat order is ready you will receive an email to pick up from our facility

15222 King Rd Ste 1003

Frisco, TX 75036

Frequently asked questions:

Q: My softball team is getting women's cut but I want a men's shirt for the coach.

A: Not a problem. Indicate in the final order form your quantities and sizes. 

Q: The design builder doesn't allow me to put in my roster. How do I enter sizes and numbers?

A: When building your design in the Player Number section, put a random number in the text box and design it -- then on your roster page it will give you options to add numbers.

Q: Will there be names on the back of the jerseys?

A: No.. Even if you put names on your roster, they will not be put on your jerseys per FBSA rules.

Q: Can I have my own logo?

A: YES! Only if your the artwork is in VECTOR format (PDF, Adobe Illustrator, EPS). Feel free to upload the logo in the builder and/or attach the vector file on the order form.

Q: Which cloth material do I choose from my jerseys?

A: Z-Cloth

Q: The design I made is all off-centered and disproportional, is that what my jerseys will look like?

A: No, Champro's art department will correct any obvious issues and you will also see a final proof that you MUST approve before any jerseys will be produced.

Q: Can I order hoodies with the same design?

A: Absolutely! They're $50/hoodie and names are allowed if desired.  

Q: Can I order custom hats from Richardson or a different company other than Champro?

A: Unfortunately we are only offering the hats provided by Champro on this link:

Q: What size numbers should I put on the back of the player jerseys?

A: We recommend 6-8" numbers for all sizes. 

Q: FBSA added a player to my roster after I submitted my team order; do I have to redesign everything and submit a new form?

A: No, please use the Excel re-order form and email that to with your added roster

Q: How do the jerseys fit?

A: The baseball jerseys are mostly true to size. The women's cut jerseys are slightly fitted. Here is the sizing chart for reference:

Champro Sizing Chart.png
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