Welcome FBSA Coaches! 

We know you. You signed up to coach because you love your kid. But you probably didn't think it all the way through, and now you're stuck coordinating rain-outs, dealing with high-maintenance parents, and designing the team's jerseys. No worries, our step-by-step instructions below will help you... at least with that last part.

Step 1: Know your options​

Baseball Teams

- JUICE Crew Neck Style (J-BST8) is your only option. You must choose it.

Softball Teams

Girls need more options [of course]. Choose from the following: 

- JUICE Women's Cap Sleeve Jersey (JBST8W

- JUICE V-Neck Women's Cut (JSBJ1)

- OR choose the baseball option of the crew neck style

Step 2: Design That Awesome Jersey

- Choose your Style out of the available options (Throwback, Curve, Lead Off, etc.)

- Customize the fill colors (Solid, Camo, etc.)

- Decorate your jersey with team name, number style, etc. **Do not add team logo file unless you have a vector file to send me as well**

- Fill in roster and sizes. SAVE DESIGN then GENERATE PDF. SAVE PDF then submit your order using the button at the bottom of this page!

Step 3: pick your headwear

- MLB and Minor League team names will get their respective hats, just let us know your quantities and color combinations.

- Independent baseball teams or softball teams will get to choose their hat color and team letter embroidered in a block font -- COLORS MAY BE LIMITED DUE TO NEW COVID PROCEDURES. 

-Please indicate those in the order form when you submit your order.

Step 4: submit order

- Follow the link at the bottom of this page to submit your order when you have your jersey PDF and hat options. 

- Sit back and let us do the rest!  Kim Uhlenhaker from FBSA or someone from Elyon Sports will let you know when your order is ready for pick up at D-Bat Frisco or our location (15222 King Rd Suite 1003).

**ATTENTION** FBSA is only paying for  TWO COACHES' JERSEYS and HATS. If you want more please indicate that on your order form notes and we will send you a bill for the add-ons. Please let us know in comments you are aware of the extra charge. 

Extra shirts - $30

Extra hats $17

Frequently asked questions:

Q: My softball team is getting women's cut but I want a men's shirt for the coach.

A: Not a problem! Just indicate in the notes on the order form you want a men's shirt in size XL and 2XL (for example)

Q: The design builder doesn't allow me to put in my roster. How do I enter sizes and numbers?

A: When building your design in the Player Number section, put a random number in the text box and design it -- then on your roster page it will give you options to add numbers.

Q: Will there be names on the back of the jerseys?

A: Nope! Even if you put names on your roster, they will not be put on your jerseys.

Q: The Champro Builder is asking for a pant option, do I order pants too?

A: No. Click the button on the right side of the page that says "Continue Without Pant Options".

Q: Which cloth material do I choose from my jerseys?

A: Z-Cloth

Q: Can I order a size smaller than YS?

A: Yes! YXS can be ordered by request. Simply indicate in the notes/comments section which numbers you would like to be YXS.