Schutt Baseball/Softball Matte White Helmet

Schutt Baseball/Softball Matte White Helmet


Lined with a highly protective D3O® padding system, the Schutt® Adult Air 4.2 Matte Batting Helmet provides you with an unmatched fit that promises to support and absorb potential impact.

Advanced Technology
D3O® molecular technology cushions your head for an unbeatable fit while providing unmatched impact resistance
ABS shell provides excellent shock absorption for maximized protection
Protective face guard actively minimizes potential facial and/or dental injuries

Unique Design, Unparalleled Comfort
Mechanically attached liner ensures padding remains in place for consistent support
Ventilation system at the top and bottom of the helmet accelerate airflow to keep you cool and dry
Pre-drilled holes allow you to install or remove batters guard with ease

Helmet Size