Hello Coaches! Here is a breakdown of what I was saying at the coaches' meeting.  

I've set a deadline of Wednesday, August 19th to guarantee jerseys for your first game. 

If you order past the 19th, I will definitely still push your order through but can't promise the jerseys will be ready in time. 

Option 1 - Basic Dri-Fit

$10/jersey + tax


- one dri-fit t-shirt in the following colors

- team name in white or black  in one of the selected fonts below

- 6" back number in white or black in block font only. 

Lead time = 1 week after invoice paid

image (1).png
image (2).png

Option 2 - Champro Splash Jerseys

$16/jersey +tax

Unisex crew neck or v-neck 100% polyester dri-fit style only. 

Designed on Champro website by you under the "Splash" option only

*Great option for those wanting customization but at a cheaper price

*Material is thinner than "Juice" option

Lead time = 3-5 business days after approval/invoice paid plus 2 day air shipping



Option 3 - Champro Juice Jerseys (Same process as the spring jerseys)

$25/jersey + tax

Only applies to Z-Cloth JBST8 (crew neck or women's cap sleeve only, no racerback)

Logos must be in vector format if providing your own artwork. 

Lead time = 10 business days after approval/invoice paid plus 2 day air shipping

** Champro has suspended  their 5-day Juice program due to high volume as of 8/21/2020

If you're reordering from last season:

I still have everyone's information but there is a $15 shipping fee (total, not per jersey) for orders under 6 pieces so please be aware before charging your parents. 

Just email me the added players and I will reorder the same spring uniforms for you. 

We are also offering the same hats

$15/hat + tax for MLB/MiLB/plain hat with team letter embroidered found on this website: https://team.outdoorcap.com/  (item numbers MLB-350, MIN-350, JM-123, JMV-100)

*Custom logos on hats - $15 to get the logo digitized for embroidery (one time fee) and then $20/hat + tax.



  • Invoices must be paid entirely before jerseys will be made. Please do whatever you need to do to get money from your team before officially placing the order. 

  • I have setup a Venmo account and Paypal if you want parents to pay me directly but please please make sure they include the team name/your name and that tax is included and the extra shipping fee (if applicable).

    • Otherwise, I will send you one invoice for you to pay online. 


Venmo: @Elyon-Sports

Paypal: tatem@elyon-sports.com